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Cognate is the first language learning platform that creates a personalized course that empowers you to learn relevant words sooner, and access interesting content faster!

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Learn German from English


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Tell the app who you are

Input information about your profession, industry, hobbies, interests and more, to create your custom lessons and vocabulary lists. This information is optional, but the more you provide, the better the course will be.


Customized material

With the use of artificial intelligence plus extensive word and sentence databases, Cognate quickly creates custom vocabulary lists and personalized lessons that optimize your learning experience. Cognate has over 8,000 more words than the largest language learning apps.


Tried and tested methods

All of the sentence completion and vocabulary exercises are presented using spaced repetition methodologies. New content is continually added, so you will never run out of new things to learn.

Why Cognate?

Since the course adapts to your skill level and interests, you can benefit tremendously from the power of customized language learning, especially if you have specific personal or professional goals.

And, if you are already at an intermediate level (A2, B1, or B2), you will be amazed at just how useful the solution is, because interesting content is made accessible much sooner in your language learning journey.

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